Good News

I am surrounded by friends and acquaintances who are fearful concerning their own personal issues (businesses, personal finances, health, family, relationships, etc.).  Our nation has entered uncharted and dangerous waters, and that has added to our sense of uncertainty and fear.

If my three boys go into the kitchen one day and there is nothing for them to eat; well, that is not their problem — it is mine.  Likewise, our “problems” are not ours; rather, they are our Father’s.  In Mark 10:13-16  the Lord says that you MUST believe in Him just like a little child believes in his/her parents — with 100% faith.  You see, the best thing that my boys, when they were small, could ever do for me was to jump on my lap and hug me and love me just because I am their daddy.  We forget that we are separated from our own children by mere decades in age, ability, and knowledge; yet, our true Father is separated from us by an eternity in his power and knowledge.  So doesn’t it stand to reason that the best thing we have to offer Him is to jump in His lap and say: “I love you Daddy.” -or -“Help me Daddy!” -or- “Thank you Daddy.”

I’ve got good news.  When we get to Heaven, we are not going to find ware marks in the carpet from Jesus’ pacing and hand-wringing as he worries about how He is going to meet our needs.  In fact, He has already anticipated our every need.  In Matthew 6:31-33, Jesus says — “You know all of that stuff that you need and worry about?  The whole world is running themselves literally to death chasing them.  Well guess what — If you will just make Me your top priority, then I’ll give you all the stuff that the rest of the world is killing themselves for.”  He also says in Philippians 4:6-7, “don’t worry for one second about anything, but instead thankfully tell God what’s bothering you, and He will give you His complete peace and then He will stand guard over that peace in your heart through Jesus.”  Sound too easy?  Guess what — IT IS!

Folks, the world is indeed falling apart today.  People’s lives are being sucked-away in this cruel world.  Here’s some more bad news:  I’ve read the end of the Book, and I can tell you that the worst is still to come.  You want a sure fix-all formula that can save you from destruction?  Here it is…  The Lord tells us in 2 Chronicles 7:13-14 that “if there is no rain, or if your business/finances are wiped-out, or if you have disease, etc… If you will (1) humble yourself, (2) pray, (3) seek His face as a little child in their Father’s lap, and then (4) let Him help you turn away from the sinful places in your life; then, He WILL (1) hear you, (2) forgive you, and (3) heal your _____ (land, business, finances, relationships, body, heart, soul — you name it).”  And why would He do this?  Because He is your Big Daddy!  There is nothing He won’t do for you and He has proven that.  Nor, is there anything so bad, or heinous, or disgusting, or sinful that you have done that it has surprised Him. He just wants you to come home to Him so He can clean you up, take care of you, and love on you.

Yes, fear is an epidemic today; but, don’t fear.  None of this is catching Daddy by surprise.  Do you want healing, forgiveness, and love?  Don’t keep him waiting.  He is excited to know that you are thinking about coming home.  There is small print to this offer however… it will expire, and so will you.  Don’t wait until it’s too late.  You don’t want to experience the alternative when you can have it all now for free!

I hope these truths have encouraged you!


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